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Peggy McDonough Gannon

As a child, I spent countless hours creating from various materials. Mud, Sticks, string and clay were just some of the materials that I couldn’t wait to squeeze in
my hands and turn into something grand. Even as a grown woman and a developed artist, I find myself incorporating texture into my pieces. Materials
much be felt physically and emotionally.

My work is dedicated to finding beauty in what some might see as forgotten, ugly structures. I transform seemingly simple places into analogies that align with my life: grain bins become family, smoke stacks become a connection to heaven, buildings become signs for direction and textured abandoned buildings become a place to connect spiritually.

My Favorite works are my mixed media pieces. I love photography but often feel
disconnected with it because of the lack of physical touch of the medium. My mixed media art allows me to incorporate many materials, creating unique
textures and shapes.

I create to capture beauty in the world that I see and feel as a way of bringing new life to the ordinary. I hope to inspire appreciation for the simple things that are all too often overlooked.



Gallery 202: Franklin, TN

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