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Julie A. Harvey

Julie Harvey is a painter of large-scale abstract works on canvas, incorporating bold, gestural strokes with large brushes and palette knives. The freedom to explore and experiment throughout the process is the essence of her work. She will literally throw paint at the canvas, mixing inks, varnish, and gel medium with paint, resulting in thick mounds of buttery texture and vivid color. Tearing through wet paint with knives and trowels, she creates a wild topography on the surface. She scrapes through dried sections with knives and sandpaper, revealing colors and forms lost underneath. Softer, more blended areas are applied using rags and large brushes. The result of her work involves a constant battle between additive and subtractive processes, reflecting a rich dichotomy, layer by layer. Julie received her Bachelors Degree of Fine Art, Concentration in Painting, from Tennessee Technological University. She also attended Belmont University, Middle Tennessee State University, and studied abroad before completing her degree in 1998.“From a very young age, I was encouraged to embrace my creativity. I was introduced to piano lessons when I was only 5, although I was playing on my own well before that. I absolutely loved it. Music instilled in me the value of discipline and taking pride in my accomplishments. More importantly, I learned that I could communicate with others in a beautiful unspoken language that was universally understood. After several years of practicing for hours every day, I realized my heart was no longer in it, so I decided to give up piano and move on. I found a new creative outlet in college, where I was introduced to art history, drawing, sculpture, and painting. As my years in school progressed, I focused on in-depth studies of painting through self-guided classes, working toward my first solo gallery show just prior to graduation. During and after earning my degree, I started developing my own style and building a body of work to begin my career in the art world. The experience I gained though the guidance of my wonderful teachers and spending tireless hours in the studio was invaluable. Although my first love in the arts will always be music, I can’t imagine enjoying a day without painting in my studio.” – Julie Harvey



Gallery 202: Franklin, TN

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