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Michael Hooper

Born 1959, New York.

Born “with a mustache” in upstate New York 1959, I am a self- taught artist, referred to by some as painting in folk style. I don’t place myself in any category, sometimes my work is folk, impressionism, surreal, but always my interpretation of what’s in my head. My work varies in a wide range of mediums. Works on paper, paintings on wood and paper mache sculptures are a few styles that you will find the world of Michael Hooper.

Creating art in various forms throughout my life, it wasn’t until recently I found myself creating on a regular basis and in just a short time my work has gained recognition. When painting I like to listen to the Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Old Soul, Bread, Soft 70’s Rock.

During my life I have lived in many areas across the United States. I met my wife of 33 years in Mojave, California, had a son, Moved to Maryland, where my daughter was born. My art has benefited through personal exploration from museum, gallery visits and exhibitions around the country, which has provided a constant source of inspiration. Michael currently lives and paints at his home in McEwen, Tennessee.



Gallery 202: Franklin, TN

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