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Theresa Dyer

Theresa Dyer has been interested in art all of her life especially figurative drawing. Experimenting with sculpture, she found a medium that could combine her love of form and structure in the realistic representation of the human body. She works in terra-cotta and plasticine clay that finds it’s permanent life in bronze. Portraits and single figure compositions represent most of her work.

“When I start to create a piece, it is usually an idea that pushes me to comment on what I have experienced or seen someone else go through. After the piece is finished, it will say something to me and I am hoping that the work will speak to the viewer. I also hope it will be anything but stagnant. Trying to understand ideas that exist below the surface, these ideas expressed in form are important to me. I started sculpture about several years ago and i was unprepared as to the extent of how much working in the medium would affect me.”

Ms. Dyer started her career as a designer and architect. She has a BFA in design form University of North Texas and a BFA in Architecture from the University of Tennessee, culminating at the University of Manchester, England. Licensed in several states, she maintains an architectural practice in Nashville Tennessee and believes that architecture is sculpture.

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